Natalia Shik is the owner of the popular SHIK makeup brand and network of beauty salons. She has achieved success through her hard work and dedication, becoming a top makeup artist and businesswoman. Natalia is famous throughout Russia and far beyond its borders!

SHIK is more than a cosmetics brand, it is a philosophy of beauty, inspiration and the secret of femininity.

SHIK products are manufactured at top factories worldwide, which specialize in the production of particular products. They are located in Germany, the Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Korea and Russia.

The mission of SHIK Cosmetics is to create the best beauty products with love and care for women, and instil joy. Each product has been designed with a lot of thought and strives to make self-care simple and accessible to every woman.

The brand's products are developed and manufactured all over the world, and only faultless items see the light of day as SHIK Cosmetics.

Care | face
The gentle formula of this product delicately and thoroughly removes dirt and makeup from the skin without damaging its natural hydrolipidic film, to maintain the optimal level of skin hydration. The prebiotics help restore the balance of the skin microbiome.

• Biolin is a natural prebiotic that restores the balance of the skin microbiome (it has a protective function).
• Niacinamide stimulates collagen synthesis, and has a hydrating and soothing effect.
• Argan extract cleanses and accelerates cell regeneration.
• Açaí extract is an antioxidant with a protective effect, which improves complexion and skin elasticity.
• Cranberry extract moisturizes and improves the complexion.
• Avocado oil and soybean oil nourish and strengthen the protective functions of the skin.
• Natural moisturizing factor (NMF) hydrates and boosts skin elasticity.

Volume: 100 ml

A product with a peeling effect to prepare the skin for the application of skin care products.
The mesh side of the pad exfoliates the skin, while the textured side provides a moisturizing and brightening effect.

• Salicylic and glycolic acids deeply cleanse the skin, as well as having an anti-inflammatory effect and shrinking the pores.
• Strawberry, blackberry and blueberry extracts moisturize and soothe, lighten areas of pigmentation and even the skin tone.

Quantity: 50 pcs.

A quick way to awaken the skin.
This fabric sheet mask is soaked in a concentrated essence of plant extracts to instantly transform the face.
• Collagen hydrolysate deeply moisturizes and promotes skin regeneration and restoration
• Green tea extract is an antioxidant that strengthens blood vessel and capillary walls

• American witch hazel extract has a tonic effect and reduces oil secretion.

The mask is made of 100% cotton.

The first step in skincare is a product that cleanses the skin and gives it a healthy glow.
It stimulates collagen production in the dermis, restores and moisturizes the skin.
• Antibacterial components suppress inflammation
• Allantoin exfoliates and soothes the skin
• Chinese cinnamon shrinks pores and improves skin elasticity
• Japanese quince extract softens and revitalizes the skin
How to use: after cleansing the skin, apply toner to a cotton pad and spread evenly over the face.

Volume: 100 ml

The second step in skincare is a weightless product to support that comfortable skin feeling.
This emulsion regulates the skin's pH balance, protects, nourishes and soothes, while also noticeably improving the appearance of the skin.

• Hyaluronic acid plumps the skin and makes it more supple
• Camellia sinensis leaf extract shrinks pores
• Persimmon leaf extract restores and transforms the complexion
How to use: after the toner, apply the emulsion evenly to the face.

Volume: 60 ml


Восстанавливающий крем
A cream to instantly transform the skin and prepare it for makeup.
Intensively softens, hydrates and protects the skin from harmful environmental factors. Makes the face look fresh and radiant.

• Panthenol (Vitamin B complex) soothes and moisturizes
• Plant lactobacilli regulate the skin pH and increase collagen formation
• Artemisia leaf extract nourishes and saturates the skin

Volume: 40 ml

Provide a rejuvenating effect by evening the skin surface and increasing its firmness and elasticity. Calm and protect irritated skin from ultraviolet rays and environmental hazards. With regular use, these eye patches eliminate dark circles, smooth out fine lines, relieve puffiness and moisturize the skin by filling it with nutrients. Their hydrating effect has been confirmed by the Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA).
The main differences of the new version of SHIK Blur patches are the precise outline and balanced amount of nutrients. SHIK Blur hydrogel patches are perfect for express skincare before applying makeup, to ensure the skin around the eyes is smooth and radiant. The skin is infused with the necessary trace elements and vitamins, while puffiness and fatigue disappear.

Quantity: 60 pcs.

A highly effective skincare product for the eyes. These patches are great at eliminating puffiness and dark circles, while making the eyes appear fresh and bright.
Pine needle extract has an antioxidant effect for toning the skin.
Baikal skullcap extract has anti-inflammatory properties, improves skin firmness and promotes the natural production of collagen and elastin.
Coconut extract moisturizes and nourishes the skin, while also having a healing effect.

Quantity: 60 pcs.

Daily lip care product.
This balm intensively restores and nourishes the lips, providing a long-lasting feeling of comfort.
• Shea butter deeply nourishes and hydrates, while gently protecting the skin from aggressive environmental factors
• Jojoba oil rejuvenates dry skin and has an anti-inflammatory effect
• Avocado oil softens and nourishes the skin

Volume: 11 ml

A modern formula to gently and effectively cleanse the skin without alcohol, perfume, parabens or silicone.
This product delicately removes makeup and impurities, and prepares the skin for the next step in skincare. Does not cause skin discomfort, dryness or tightness.
Micellar water can be conveniently used to correct already finished makeup.
Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.
The convenient dispenser ensures maximum ease of use and prevents the product leaking from the bottle.

How to use: soak a cotton pad with the product. Apply the moistened cotton pad to the skin, hold it for 10–15 seconds if necessary and gently remove impurities and makeup.

Volume: 100 ml

This weightless foam cleanser gently removes dirt and makeup without damaging the protective skin barrier.

The foam is enriched with natural prebiotics that help restore the balance of the skin microbiome. The antioxidants slow down the ageing process, while also protecting against negative environmental effects.

The special foam applicator gives the foam an airy, mousse-like texture, and the resulting microbubbles gently massage the skin.

Volume: 100 ml

An invisible new-generation sunscreen with SPF30+, which provides reliable protection against sunburn and the effects of infrared radiation.
The product contains the most effective sunscreen filters (Tris-Biphenyl Triazine, Uvinul A Plus, Uvinul t150, Tinosorb S).
With its silky texture, this lotion is easy to apply, absorbs quickly, and does not leave white streaks or a greasy film on the skin. It is waterproof and does not need to be constantly reapplied.
Regular use prevents the appearance of age spots and helps achieve a beautiful tan.

Volume: 50 ml.

care | body

The gentle formula of this product delicately and thoroughly cleanses the skin without damaging its natural hydrolipidic film, while also maintaining the optimal level of skin hydration. The gel contains caffeine, which stimulates metabolism and blood circulation, encourages lymphatic drainage, and boosts skin firmness and elasticity.

Volume: 250 ml

This lightweight cream is instantly absorbed, leaving the skin feeling moisturized, smooth and velvety. Thanks to the complex of active ingredients, the product intensively moisturizes, nourishes, rejuvenates the skin and improves its texture. The cream is quickly absorbed, leaving the skin feeling soft, comfortable and well-hydrated, without any heaviness or stickiness.

Volume: 200 ml

Luxury spa body care at home. The seaweed complex effectively softens and hydrates the skin, stimulates collagen synthesis, improves skin tone and elasticity, and encourages lymphatic drainage. The natural oils restore and nourish the skin, stimulating cell renewal. The aromatic blend of essential oils and plant extracts creates an atmosphere of peace and harmony.

Weight: 500 g

уход | Руки

The Pro Hand Cream now comes in a new design, with stunning notes of green tea and vetiver.
The cream has a rejuvenating and nourishing effect.
The result is hydrated, supple and well-protected hands.
Recommended for daily long-term use.

Volume: 30 ml

Created to gently care for the hands of artists working with or without gloves.
The cream has regenerative and anti-inflammatory effects. Ingredients include vitamins A and E, which smooth and hydrate the skin, as well as helping restore its elasticity. Shilajit boosts the skin's condition and appearance. Recommended for daily long-term use.

Volume: 80 ml

Cleans and disinfects the hands. Contains moisturizing aloe vera extract.

The compact bottle is perfect for your handbag. Lasts longer thanks to its convenient spray system. The subtle design of the spray bottle emphasizes the impeccable style of its owner.

Volume: 25 ml

Designed to fight disease-causing pathogens and bacteria.
Cleans and disinfects the hands. Contains moisturizing aloe vera extract.

The compact bottle conveniently fits into a handbag.

Volume: 30 ml

makeup | face

Creates a lightweight and subtle satin cover.
The highly pigmented formula delicately corrects imperfections and conceals skin blemishes without feeling like a mask.
The skin looks silky and well looked after.

01 Light — a pale, pearly shade, created for snow-white skin.
02 Medium — a warm, golden beige shade.
03 Dark — a richer, neutral shade, for dark and tanned skin.

All three base shades can be mixed together to match your unique skin tone.

Volume: 20 ml

Perfect for facial contouring. The soft creamy texture makes the product easy to blend, creating a natural play of light and shadow.

Available in two natural shades:
01 — cool, with a purple undertone
02 — warm, with a brown undertone

Weight: 10 g

Blush with a feather-light and airy texture for a natural look. Look fresh and achieve the visual effect of a healthy and natural blush. The product instantly blends with the skin. The intensity of the blush can vary from a soft, translucent effect to a richer and more glowy look.
The new packaging is manufactured with an additional EVOH barrier layer, which prevents product evaporation and ensures the texture stays the same over time.

Available in three shades:
01 — warm peach
02 — cool coral
04 — dusty pink

Weight: 10 g

This concealer masks skin imperfections, lasts up to 8 hours, and provides medium to full coverage. The flexible creamy texture instantly matches your skin tone to give it a sleek appearance. This lightweight, moisturizing concealer also reduces swelling and puffiness around the eyes.

Available in three shades:
Shade 0.5 — very light
Shade 01 — light
Shade 02 — natural

Weight: 5 g

This silky powder with reflective particles goes on evenly to give the skin a beautiful finish. The velvety texture softens and smooths the skin, and feels pleasant to the touch. The powder contains tiny pearl particles, which provide a subtle radiance and visually hide imperfections. It reduces skin oiliness, helping to achieve a flawless result.

This powder comes in three shades:
LIGHT — light,
LIGHT MEDIUM — warm and natural for a medium skin tone,
and MEDIUM — natural

Weight: 7.5 g

The baked blush creates a soft and noble glow. The radiant effect is achieved through a special mix of pearls, pigment and mica. The silky texture of the blush goes on thinly and uniformly, giving the skin a beautiful tint.

How to use: apply blush to the most prominent parts of the cheekbones and blend.

Weight: 7.5 g

The baked sculpting product creates natural shadows to contour the face. It sensually emphasizes the cheekbones and adds definition to the shape of the face. The special mix of pigment and mica ensures a silky texture. The product spreads evenly and blends easily, with no streaks or spots.

How to use: apply the product under the cheekbones using a brush and blend.

Weight: 7.5 g

This sculpting cream has a uniform consistency and a creamy texture to easily blend with the skin. Available in two shades:
01 — grey-brown with a greenish undertone. Perfect for light-skinned girls.
02 — brown with a reddish undertone. Ideal for dark-skinned and tanned girls.

Contains vitamin E to care for the skin. Stays in place and lasts all day.
The packaging is designed to work with refills.

Weight: 9 g


The refill has been designed especially for the PERFECT CREAM CONTOUR case.
This sculpting product has a creamy texture that blends with the skin, ensuring the makeup looks incredibly natural, and making facial features more expressive. Applies evenly on the skin and blends easily. Stays on all day long, without forming unsightly spots.

Available in two natural shades:
  • 01 — for fair skin
  • 02 — for dark skin

PERFECT CREAM CONTOUR REFILL comes in a snow-white plastic container with a lid. The reserved design and durable packaging mean that the refill can be used on its own.
The empty container is perfect as a carry case for false eyelashes or rhinestones. Great for travelling makeup artists.

Weight: 9 g

Creates the ideal foundation for applying makeup, evens out skin colour and texture, and hides pores and fine wrinkles.
Has an airy texture and contains hyaluronic acid and niacinamide to plump the skin throughout the day. Extends the wear of your makeup and has a slight highlighting effect.

The result is soft, velvety smooth skin without visible traces of concealer.

This foundation can be used on its own, for those who love the natural look of fresh and well-rested skin, or as a base for concealer and foundation.

Contains SPF 15.
Suitable for all skin types.

Volume: 20 ml.

makeup | eyes

Extra volumizing and defining mascara. The creamy texture of this mascara gives the eyelashes maximum volume. The mascara is easy to apply and doesn't clump. The convenient brush grips even the shortest eyelashes.

Weight: 11.5 g

This long-lasting velvet eyeshadow with a matte finish is an essential eye beauty product. The buttery soft texture is easy to apply and resembles the legendary SHIK kohl pencils.
You can blend the eyeshadow during the first 10 seconds to create a subtle smoky look. After that, the pigment is fixed in place, and the makeup stays on the whole day.
Doesn't clump, doesn't fade, and with its long-wearing formula in a compact pencil format, SHIK velvet eyeshadow has everything to become your favourite eye product.

Try the 3 basic shades that make it easy to create both a daytime and an evening look:
- Chamoisee (cold brown)
- Bistre (cold dark brown)
- Rust (warm brown)

Weight: 1.4 g

The soft texture is easy to apply and resembles the legendary SHIK kajal pencils. Dab the eyeshadow on your eyelids and actively blend using fingertips or a brush. Or apply the eyeshadow as a solid line, and it will remain in place for the whole day. The colour intensity can be adjusted
from a subtle haze to a rich grunge effect.

Doesn't clump, doesn't fade, and with its long-wearing formula in a compact pencil format, SHIK glittery eyeshadow has everything to become your favourite eye product.

Weight: 1.4 g

Long-lasting eyeliner.
The lush, creamy texture is ideal for filling in the spaces between lashes.

Weight: 1.2 g

A soft shading pencil that creates a clean and pure colour. Ideal for the pencil technique. We recommend using brush 07.

The pencil is available in three shades:
Bergamo — warm brown
Palermo — deep brown
Genova — muted grey-brown

Weight: 1.14 g

A product for creating naturally radiant eye makeup.
This eyeshadow provides even coverage and is phenomenally long-lasting. The silky texture is easy to blend. Perfect as a foundation for eye makeup.
Hypoallergenic. Does not contain alcohol and parabens.

Volume: 4 ml

makeup | eyebrows

The eyebrow shaping process has never been so simple and the eyebrows so flawless! The pencil's powdery texture ensures a comfortable application. The brush gently and comfortably blends, allowing you to create the most natural eyebrows. Use this pencil to emphasize the eyebrows and draw the perfect shape.
Available in four fabulous shades:
Taupe — noble light
Blonde — warm light
Medium — neutral brown
Dark — cool brown

Weight: 1.19 g

Long-lasting, with a weightless texture.
Easily holds the eyebrows in place, while also giving them the desired shape. Contains natural ingredients and vitamins to stimulate brow and eyelash growth, as well as the patented Capixyl complex.

Volume: 5 ml

Brow and lash growth oil. Contains 25 natural oils and components designed to encourage growth, strengthen, moisturize and restore the thickness and shine of eyebrows and eyelashes.

Volume: 5 ml

makeup | lips

Easy-to-apply lip pencil that doesn't dry out the lips.
Makes it easy to create a sharp and flawless lip outline. Stops your lipstick or gloss from smudging.

Weight: 1.14 g

A multipurpose makeup pencil with a milky shade. Comfortable to apply and lasts all day. Designed to correct the shape of your lips, apply under eyebrows, in the inner corner of the eye and on the mucosa.

Weight: 1.14 g

The luscious texture of this lipstick is so comfortable that you won't even feel it on your lips.
Applies like a dream, providing a rich, deep shade in one glide.
Goes on smoothly and delivers intense hydration, thanks to vitamin E and coconut oil.
The stylish and minimalistic case with a magnetic lid protects the lipstick from damage. Now it will never accidentally open in your purse.
The luxurious collection of elegant and restrained shades will tastefully emphasize the natural colour of your lips and make them even more attractive.

Weight: 3.5 g

The special formula with an airy mousse texture sets gradually, making it easy to adjust the outline and shape of your lips. Applies easily and feels incredibly comfortable on the lips without drying or tightening the skin.

This matte lipstick comes in 7 luxurious shades, from muted beige to bright red and wine.

  • 01 Sand Pink
  • 02 Petal
  • 03 Milkshake
  • 04 Caramel
  • 05 Rosewood
  • 06 Berry
  • 07 Hot

The pointed velvety applicator allows you to create a clear and even outline. Use the SHIK lip pencil to make it stand out even more and last even longer.

Weight: 5 g

This caring lip gloss drenches in moisture, nourishes and smooths out the delicate skin of the lips, making them appear plumper and more radiant.

The delicate creamy texture feels comfortable, without dryness, stickiness, clumping or "bleeding". The updated composition contains more pigments and shining particles, delivering a stunning, bright shade. Instant softness with a pleasant aroma.

The lip gloss is available in 6 shades: from delicate and natural to bright and intense.

  • 01 — subtle milky-pink colour.
  • 02 — translucent natural pink colour.
  • 03 — neutral brown colour.
  • 04 — translucent peach colour.
  • 05 — coral pink colour.
  • 06 — translucent berry colour.

Weight: 5 g

Blush and powder are core components of an ideal face tone. However, it is important not to overdo it when finishing your makeup.
We have created a soft brush made of taklon (imitation squirrel hair), which subtly applies powder, bronzer and highlighter.
One brush that is perfect for applying toner, distributing foundation, and blending sculpting cream and blush. Suitable for creamy and dry products.
"To say that I was happy when it appeared in my product range is putting it mildly. This is my favourite, softest oval brush made of taklon!" says Natalia Shik.
Perfect for creating a natural light glow on the cheeks.
A medium-sized flat brush made of premium goat hair. Great for working with dry textures.
Designed for applying highlighter, blush and for soft sculpting.
A brush for toner, blush, concealer and correction.
A brush for emphasizing the orbital line and creating a subtle shading effect.
A brush for the pencil technique. Has a non-classical form to ensure fast and clean pencil work.
A brush made of premium goat hair.
The unique shape and incredible softness of the brush will help create charming hazy eyeshadow, and the sharp tip allows you to draw perfectly crisp borders if required.
An eye brush made of premium goat hair.
Designed for perfect blending and crisp makeup designs. Its anatomical shape fits perfectly into the orbital line, while changing the pressure applied with the brush varies the colour saturation.
This small, firm brush made of goat hair is suitable for more detailed blending. It works with any texture and retains its shape for a very long time.
An eye brush made of mixed hair (goat and imitation goat).
The universal shape of this brush allows you to perfectly apply eyeshadow and gently blend the products.
A pointed eye brush made of high-quality hair.
We call it the "pencil brush". Works with any texture. Use it to easily blend both eye shadow and eye pencil along the eyelash line. The pointed tip will help carefully emphasise areas.
The jewel of the brush collection by SHIK. This petal brush has been specially designed to create the perfect eyeliner. The bevelled edge draws a thin line and a sharp tip, while the flat surface forms the "body" of the arrow.
This taklon fan brush is designed for detailed work at the base of the eyelashes. Able to colour even the smallest lower eyelashes, apply a thin layer of mascara or remove excess product.
The metal comb is designed to separate glued eyelashes and remove clumps of mascara. The perfect helper to bring your makeup to perfection.
Flawlessly applies lipstick and highlights. The flat shape of the brush evenly distributes the product, while the pointed tip is perfect for drawing a contour. Made of high-quality synthetic material.
The crown jewel of our collection and the most popular item. A universal tool with a bristle brush on one end and a soft taklon brush on the other end. The slender bevelled edge of the brush lets you work with all textures.
Foundation brush for fine application of foundation and contouring products. Creates a beautiful and even layer.
A face makeup brush made of high-quality synthetic hair.
We have carefully thought out the shape, size and angle of the brush to achieve a perfect result when applying makeup.
The Modeling brush replaces several makeup brushes, is multifunctional and comfortable to use. You can use it to apply foundation and powder, create shadows using sculpting cream, and beautifully apply blush.
A face makeup brush made of high-quality synthetic hair.
We have carefully thought out the shape, size and angle of the brush to achieve a perfect result when applying makeup.
The Concealer brush is designed to apply concealer and work in sculpting cream. The bevelled edge of the brush makes it incredibly convenient to work on and smooth out skin nuances.
A face makeup brush made of high-quality synthetic hair.
We have carefully thought out the shape, size and angle of the brush to achieve a perfect result when applying makeup.
A limited set of makeup brushes in a stylish cosmetic bag.

We have carefully thought out the shape, angle and size of the brushes so that you can achieve the perfect result with any makeup style, from the subtle everyday routine to the professional celebrity look. The kit includes 6 high-quality miniature brushes and a makeup sponge:

  • A fluffy brush for dry textures (for sculpting cream, powder) is incredibly soft and evenly distributes makeup products
  • A petal brush for dry textures to delicately apply blush or highlighter
  • A flat brush for creamy textures (primer, toner), which finely distributes the foundation
  • A small flat brush for detailed work (eyeliner)
  • A fluffy brush for applying and softly blending eyeshadow
  • A foldable lipstick and lip gloss brush, perfect for the handbag
  • Our legendary sponge for creamy textures, to provide uniform coverage and a flawless tone

These brushes are made of natural and high-quality synthetic hair, hold their shape well, are long-lasting and reliable.

№ 02
A brush with a flat, even edge for uniform application of foundation, primer and blush. The shape of the brush enables you to very thinly and carefully distribute and blend the cosmetic product.
Bristles: premium goat, naturon. Ferrule: brass. Shaft: ash.
№ 04
A petal brush designed to work with dry textures. The lightweight bristles beautifully apply blush, contour products and highlighter to give skin a perfectly polished look. Especially good for compact products.
Bristles: premium goat, naturon. Ferrule: brass. Shaft: ash.
№ 05
This brush gently follows the curves of the face, allowing you to achieve the subtlest and natural correction. Great for creating a smooth gradient and enriching colour, as well as for detailed work on the lower eyelid. Ideal for creating the cat eye makeup.
Bristles: naturon, premium goat. Ferrule: brass. Shaft: ash.
№ 06
A candle-shaped brush designed to work with dry and liquid textures. The compact size of the brush makes it ideal for spot work: powdering the area around the eyes and sides of the nose, applying highlighter and removing excess concealer. Can also be used to apply eyeshadow using soft movements.
Especially good for applying compact products.
Bristles: premium goat, naturon. Ferrule: brass. Shaft: ash.
№ 07
A flat brush for eyeshadow and concealer means you can apply and blend the product at the same time.
Bristles: naturon. Ferrule: brass. Shaft: ash.
№ 08
Great for creating a smooth gradient and enriching colour, as well as for detailed work on the lower eyelid. Ideal for creating the cat eye makeup.
Bristles: naturon. Ferrule: brass. Shaft: ash.
№ 09
Designed to work on the finer details: it will create a perfect eyebrow line and is indispensable for correcting the shape of lips and winged eyeliner.
Bristles: naturon. Ferrule: brass. Shaft: ash.
brushes | sponges
The sponge allows you to evenly apply and blend makeup to create a flawless finish. Designed both for professional use and for applying makeup at home. The sponge is made of soft and synthetic wear-resistant material.


Available in exquisite white and luxurious black colours.

brushes | cleansing
The SHIK wipes contain a greater amount of product to gently and effectively clean and disinfect brushes. Their unique material and cleaning ingredients ensure that the bristles dry quickly and your brushes are ready to use again.
Quantity: 100 pcs.
A soft and effective cleaner to cope with even the most stubborn makeup. Express Brush Cleanser simultaneously cleans and disinfects application tools without damaging the bristles. Does not contain alcohol, and is suitable for natural and artificial bristles. The product has a delicate fragrance that leaves the brushes and sponges with a subtle scent once they have completely dried. The scent of raspberries and green apples blends with the unique combination of green rose and violet. White musk and a subtle hint of vanilla ensure a warm and subtle fragrance.
Volume: 100 ml

Thoroughly and gently cleanses brushes, and easily copes with even the most capricious beauty products. Disinfects the brushes without damaging the bristles. Suitable for both natural and artificial bristles.
Alcohol-free. Fragrance-free.
Volume: 150 ml
brow bar
Effectively cleans and disinfects the hands. Suitable for professional and home use.
Includes aloe vera extract, which has a moisturizing and caring effect.
Can be used as a hand sanitiser in everyday life. Has a subtle floral fragrance.
Volume: 100 ml
The first step in the eyebrow waxing system. Powerfully cleanses and disinfects, while also reducing soreness during the eyebrow shaping procedure thanks to its cooling effect.
Volume: 100 ml
The second step in the eyebrow waxing system.
This lotion is designed to prepare the skin for hair removal. Removes dead skin cells and moisturizes the skin. Contains fruit acids.
Volume: 100 ml
The third step in the eyebrow waxing system.
The oil prepares and soothes the skin before the hair removal procedure.
Volume: 100 ml
The fourth step in the eyebrow waxing system.
Designed to care for the skin after hair removal. Contains aloe vera and calendula extracts. Effectively softens and restores the skin after waxing.
Volume: 100 ml
The fifth step in the eyebrow waxing system.
Removes wax residue from tools, furniture and clothing.
Volume: 100 ml

An innovative system for shaping eyebrows using wax. Hair removal from A to Z. Includes all the required products to make hair removal as comfortable and painless as possible. Carefully follow the order of application for the products to achieve the best result.

Eyebrow shaping wax in a new, larger size. One of the iconic products in our PRO BROW WAX SYSTEM. Applies thinly and evenly. Works in any direction. Removes hair fluff without breaking the hair shaft. The synthetic composition of the wax almost completely eliminates the risk of allergic reaction, making it suitable for sensitive skin.
Weight: 125 g
Ideal for Pro Brow Wax.
Compact and convenient to use. Equipped with a thermostat. Suitable for professional and home use.
Material: Plastic
Bowl volume: 125 ml
Bowl diameter: 8 cm
Power: 40 W
Voltage: 220 V
The sticks have a unique shape: one end of the applicator is rounded, while the other is pointed. The pointed edge allows you to apply the product as accurately as possible.
Quantity: 100 ± 5 pieces.
Eyebrow and eyelash dye that has been created for professional use by brow masters. Evenly dyes the hairs to ensure intense colour.
The dye is available in natural shades:
— Graphite
— Blue black
— Brown
— Light brown
— Cool light brown
— Cool dark brown
— Colourless — A diluting agent that can be mixed in different proportions with any shade of SHIK dye to soften the effect on the skin and hair.
Handy for people who like a very natural effect and want to avoid obvious skin staining.
Use with an oxidant.
Volume: 15 ml

This innovative lightening agent makes the hair half/one tone lighter, creating a perfect soft eyebrow effect. Eyebrows can be tinted with dye after using the lightening agent.
Available in three shades:
Taupe — a cool shade that brightens and dyes the skin.
Honey blonde — a gentle, warm shade for lightening 2–3 tones.
Use with an oxidant.
Volume: 15 ml

The dyes should be used with an oxidant.
The oxidant cream is available in three formats:
3V°/0.9% for the most delicate effect and for sensitive skin
6V°/1.8% for a softer, warmer effect.
10V°/3% for a brighter effect and faster results.

Volume: 90 ml

A product to make the artist's work easier, while caring for the client.
A unique tool for working with the skin during brow artistry. This is a practical antibacterial soap concentrate with a very mild effect, which thoroughly cleanses the skin, kills most known microbes, removes redness and puffiness thanks to its cooling effect, and shrinks pores.
The cleansing lotion helps create perfectly shaped eyebrows by effectively removing excess dye.
The concentrated solution means it can be used very sparingly in your work.

Volume: 100 ml

The perfect set for perfect eyebrows!
BB 01 is a firm taklon brush with a bevelled edge created especially for dyeing brows. Creates a clear outline, leaving no gaps from the dye on the skin.
BB 02 is a universal tool with a bristle brush on the one end and a taklon brush on the other end. The slender bevelled angle of the brush allows you to work with any texture.
BB 03 brush is able to work with any texture. Very comfortable to hold and easily manages even the thickest hairs to draw and create naturally feathered eyebrows.
BB 04 is Natalia Shik's favourite brow brush that combines the perfect shape and unique bristles made from goat hair and taklon. Great for applying highlighter under the eyebrow and for blending in concealer.
BB 05 is a brush for correcting the edges of the dye when darkening eyebrows. An indispensable helper for creating the perfect brow contour.

Brush length: 13 cm

PRO series tweezers. An elegant black design. Excellent Swiss quality. Thanks to our unique sharpening method, these tweezers easily grasp every hair to achieve the perfect result.
Scissors for shaping eyebrows.
The ideal solution for both professional and home use.
Our brand's multifunctional sharpener, designed for sharpening lip and eye liners and eyebrow pencils. Has two openings of different diameters and a compartment to catch the shavings, which will keep your cosmetic bag or case clean. The sharpener's blades are made of high-quality steel and have been professionally sharpened.
An indispensable beauty tool and an excellent solution for sharpening all types of pencils.